Philosophy to Real Life (1. Bullying)


Philosophy is the quest for ideas and knowledge for application to real life. It has firm but indistinct grasp on all disciplines and subjects. By using rationality and critical thinking, philosophy ultimately leads to the discovery of truth.


Either actual or cyber bullying affect the youth enormously. In this event, those who are bullied, and those who are bullying are all impacted negatively. The ones who are bullied may become physically or mentally unhealthy, or lose motivation in studying. Those who are bullying others might engage to risky and violent behaviours until they become adult. Bullying can also just add fires to situation where those who are involved are unstable or unsupported by families and friends. The worst case scenario caused by this issue is suicide.

Yet, through the application of knowledge and ideas – with reason and rationality – to these situations, bullying can turn into proper clashing or harmless fights and successful communication. Bullying is produced by conflicts that set off the violence from the person who bully.

In this definition of philosophy, the youth would think before they talk or seek for reason before they kick, and find the truth by choosing their own battles.

Young people these days are naturally impulsive. Rather than avoiding dangerous events, they like to encounter fights for the sake of excitement and pride. Through racking their minds for reality, they might do better than attacking mindlessly.