Fitting in to DoVa Brunch Cafe


How do you treat yourself before and after a rough day?

The food in DoVa Brunch Cafe in La Paz, Iloilo City are luxurious, yet it is worth the pain in the cash. A comfy seat, humble waiter, and a series of foodgasm are enough to make you come back to DoVa! Anyone is welcome here. Some would prefer to come alone but I recommend that you bring your favorite people (especially family and friends)! You can split the expenses and get to enjoy the experience like a boss. Try their brunch specialty called Eggs Benedict. Do not rush. Savor every bite! image There are times that food can alter our moods. We can lose our appetite after seeing a food with bad presentation. DoVa’s food can excite you and make you want to prolong the scenery on the table at the same time. This bistro is the best place for professionals and students that appreciate serenity with comfy. image You can try these too! image image image image image


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